23 March 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things Friday. // No. 006

1. The Museum of Fine Arts-Boston. I went this morning with a few of my friends from work. It was so much fun. I love the MFA. We walked through the contemporary arts exhibit. (I saw one of Andy Warhol's Red Disasters!) There was a bunch of awesome stuff I had never seen including Untitled (You Construct Intricate Rituals) by Barbara Kruger [image source]. I love pop art more than I will ever love any children and I just love this image. The whole exhibit was fantastic and if you are in the Boston area I highly recommend it. Another great exhibit I walked through was "Beauty as Duty," which is a collection of British WWII civilian utility garments. There are examples of period clothing and great photos and descriptions about life at the time and how rationing affects fashion including silk scarves with propagandist messages printed on them.

2. Starbucks. I am a caffeine addict and with all of the lovely weather we've been having it just seems like I need an iced coffee in my hands at all times. I go to Starbucks so often I have a gold card, which is awesome because I get free soy milk and every 15 drinks I get a free one. Also for the first time I ever I tried one of their cake pops. Oh tiramisu  cake pop, you are delicious and perfect. The inside is cake and espresso and it's covered in white chocolate with a chocolate covered espresso bean on top. If you give me one I will most likely love you forever.

3. I-can-be-outside-for-hours Weather. Nice weather puts everyone in a great mood. I also love wearing summer dresses and skirts and sunglasses. I spent a few days in the afternoon on the quad with a few friends. Here I am enjoying a delicious bottle of iced tea in the sunshine!

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