25 March 2012

Urban Photography and FIlters

I've been playing around my my camera more and more. I especially love photographing things I see around the city. I've also been enjoying a new program called PhotoFilter which is exactly what it sounds like, a program with different photo filters. It's a free download which you can find in the Mac App store under the Photography genre.

23 March 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things Friday. // No. 006

1. The Museum of Fine Arts-Boston. I went this morning with a few of my friends from work. It was so much fun. I love the MFA. We walked through the contemporary arts exhibit. (I saw one of Andy Warhol's Red Disasters!) There was a bunch of awesome stuff I had never seen including Untitled (You Construct Intricate Rituals) by Barbara Kruger [image source]. I love pop art more than I will ever love any children and I just love this image. The whole exhibit was fantastic and if you are in the Boston area I highly recommend it. Another great exhibit I walked through was "Beauty as Duty," which is a collection of British WWII civilian utility garments. There are examples of period clothing and great photos and descriptions about life at the time and how rationing affects fashion including silk scarves with propagandist messages printed on them.

2. Starbucks. I am a caffeine addict and with all of the lovely weather we've been having it just seems like I need an iced coffee in my hands at all times. I go to Starbucks so often I have a gold card, which is awesome because I get free soy milk and every 15 drinks I get a free one. Also for the first time I ever I tried one of their cake pops. Oh tiramisu  cake pop, you are delicious and perfect. The inside is cake and espresso and it's covered in white chocolate with a chocolate covered espresso bean on top. If you give me one I will most likely love you forever.

3. I-can-be-outside-for-hours Weather. Nice weather puts everyone in a great mood. I also love wearing summer dresses and skirts and sunglasses. I spent a few days in the afternoon on the quad with a few friends. Here I am enjoying a delicious bottle of iced tea in the sunshine!

24 February 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things Friday. // No. 005

1. My new favorite unhealthy snack is Nutella and Reese's Pieces. It's so good. It's so unhealthy. I have a jar of it on the shelf next to my bed. I don't recommend you starting a chocolate/hazelnut/peanut butter on a spoon addiction.

2. Texts from my mom. First of all it must be said that I love making fun of Nicholas Cage and his movies. Also the content and grammar in my Mom's texts are always hilarious. This made me laugh for days.

3. I just placed my first order at ModCloth and I'm sooooo excited to get my package. You can expect a Dress Me Up post as soon as I get it. [photo credit.]


This week has been intense and stressful. I've read an entire novel and enough literary theory to fill a binder. I have a Modern Art midterm on Tuesday that I need to study for. I also had an interview for an internship where I'd be developing a website. I'm crossing my fingers that I was impressive and professional (and that my purple hair wasn't too much of a turn off). It's the weekend and I was looking forward to sleeping in, visiting with my cousin and being straight up lazy. Not of that's happening now. Meh. I feel exactly like this kitty.
[photo credit.]

14 February 2012

20 Things I'd Like to Say About...

1. Stop being a "cute couple." Please.
2. Learn to identify the difference between a carnation and a rose.
3. Dressing up today does not increase your chances of having a valentine.
4. It's fine to oppose all of the corporate bullshit of the "holiday" and still want to receive presents.
5. It's perfectly okay to wish you had a special someone today only to be naughty with.
6. Some of the best valentine's days are the ones spent with friends who will actually love you and be there for you when you need someone.
7. February 14th is just another day of the year.
8. If you're not single don't gloat about it.
9. Secretly hate those couples.
10. It's okay to secretly wish you were part of one of those couples.
11. Feelings are gross.
12. Feelings aren't actually gross.
13. Today is one of the few days were any online shopping will not be regrettable. (Until you check you bank statement.)
14. Tomorrow will be a better day. So much chocolate will be on sale.
15. Offer to be everyone and anyone's valentine.
16. Take advantage of anyone you know that has baked or purchased candy to celebrate today.
17. Decorate more!
18. Bring up the origins of said holiday.
19. Tell the people who are important to you that you love them.
20. Happy Valentine's Day!

Chest Cavity

Oh Valentine's Day. Here we are. Old Enemies. I've been broken up with on you, spent you alone and hated everyone who celebrates you. I hate the corporations of pagan holidays. I really do. I'm all for having a fertility festival in which I get whipped with goat hide. It sounds like a good time. If you have someone to spend the day with, enjoy it. If you don't, you can be rightly cynical or just not give a fuck. It's your choice. In my opinion, cynicism is always more fun. [photo credit.]