25 March 2012

Urban Photography and FIlters

I've been playing around my my camera more and more. I especially love photographing things I see around the city. I've also been enjoying a new program called PhotoFilter which is exactly what it sounds like, a program with different photo filters. It's a free download which you can find in the Mac App store under the Photography genre.

23 March 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things Friday. // No. 006

1. The Museum of Fine Arts-Boston. I went this morning with a few of my friends from work. It was so much fun. I love the MFA. We walked through the contemporary arts exhibit. (I saw one of Andy Warhol's Red Disasters!) There was a bunch of awesome stuff I had never seen including Untitled (You Construct Intricate Rituals) by Barbara Kruger [image source]. I love pop art more than I will ever love any children and I just love this image. The whole exhibit was fantastic and if you are in the Boston area I highly recommend it. Another great exhibit I walked through was "Beauty as Duty," which is a collection of British WWII civilian utility garments. There are examples of period clothing and great photos and descriptions about life at the time and how rationing affects fashion including silk scarves with propagandist messages printed on them.

2. Starbucks. I am a caffeine addict and with all of the lovely weather we've been having it just seems like I need an iced coffee in my hands at all times. I go to Starbucks so often I have a gold card, which is awesome because I get free soy milk and every 15 drinks I get a free one. Also for the first time I ever I tried one of their cake pops. Oh tiramisu  cake pop, you are delicious and perfect. The inside is cake and espresso and it's covered in white chocolate with a chocolate covered espresso bean on top. If you give me one I will most likely love you forever.

3. I-can-be-outside-for-hours Weather. Nice weather puts everyone in a great mood. I also love wearing summer dresses and skirts and sunglasses. I spent a few days in the afternoon on the quad with a few friends. Here I am enjoying a delicious bottle of iced tea in the sunshine!

24 February 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things Friday. // No. 005

1. My new favorite unhealthy snack is Nutella and Reese's Pieces. It's so good. It's so unhealthy. I have a jar of it on the shelf next to my bed. I don't recommend you starting a chocolate/hazelnut/peanut butter on a spoon addiction.

2. Texts from my mom. First of all it must be said that I love making fun of Nicholas Cage and his movies. Also the content and grammar in my Mom's texts are always hilarious. This made me laugh for days.

3. I just placed my first order at ModCloth and I'm sooooo excited to get my package. You can expect a Dress Me Up post as soon as I get it. [photo credit.]


This week has been intense and stressful. I've read an entire novel and enough literary theory to fill a binder. I have a Modern Art midterm on Tuesday that I need to study for. I also had an interview for an internship where I'd be developing a website. I'm crossing my fingers that I was impressive and professional (and that my purple hair wasn't too much of a turn off). It's the weekend and I was looking forward to sleeping in, visiting with my cousin and being straight up lazy. Not of that's happening now. Meh. I feel exactly like this kitty.
[photo credit.]

14 February 2012

20 Things I'd Like to Say About...

1. Stop being a "cute couple." Please.
2. Learn to identify the difference between a carnation and a rose.
3. Dressing up today does not increase your chances of having a valentine.
4. It's fine to oppose all of the corporate bullshit of the "holiday" and still want to receive presents.
5. It's perfectly okay to wish you had a special someone today only to be naughty with.
6. Some of the best valentine's days are the ones spent with friends who will actually love you and be there for you when you need someone.
7. February 14th is just another day of the year.
8. If you're not single don't gloat about it.
9. Secretly hate those couples.
10. It's okay to secretly wish you were part of one of those couples.
11. Feelings are gross.
12. Feelings aren't actually gross.
13. Today is one of the few days were any online shopping will not be regrettable. (Until you check you bank statement.)
14. Tomorrow will be a better day. So much chocolate will be on sale.
15. Offer to be everyone and anyone's valentine.
16. Take advantage of anyone you know that has baked or purchased candy to celebrate today.
17. Decorate more!
18. Bring up the origins of said holiday.
19. Tell the people who are important to you that you love them.
20. Happy Valentine's Day!

Chest Cavity

Oh Valentine's Day. Here we are. Old Enemies. I've been broken up with on you, spent you alone and hated everyone who celebrates you. I hate the corporations of pagan holidays. I really do. I'm all for having a fertility festival in which I get whipped with goat hide. It sounds like a good time. If you have someone to spend the day with, enjoy it. If you don't, you can be rightly cynical or just not give a fuck. It's your choice. In my opinion, cynicism is always more fun. [photo credit.]

Enemy of Love

There is love, of course. And then there's life, its enemy. ~ Jean Anouilh

07 February 2012


Today's just been one of those days. I was horribly unprepared for my classes and somehow missed a paper. Ugh. I hate missing assignments and I honestly had no idea that it was due today. No idea. In addition to this, I did not get a part in the play I auditioned for yesterday and I thought I did relatively well. Then the lack of my non-existant love life reared its ugly head with that holiday being on the way and all. It's a bunch of little things but on top of each other it makes everything suck right now.
I hate feeling sorry for my self but sometimes you just have to.
Not all the time.
Sometimes you need to take time for yourself. Acknowledge that things suck. Then move on.
So tonight, I'm doing just that. I'm feeling sorry for myself, staying in bed, ordering sushi and watching Bridget Jones's Diary. (And then something even sappier if I feel the need to cry.) Sometimes things suck and it may seem like nothing is going your way. Be sad. Get over it. And remember how awesome you are.
[photo source]

05 February 2012

20 Things I'd Like To Say About...

1. When texting the person of interest, use correct grammar.
  Do: I like you.
  Don't: i think u fine.
2. When sexting, know that you should just stop.
3. If you're trying to impress someone, dress like it.
4. Acting stupid will only get you the attention of stupid people.
  Don't: "I hate books."
5. Compliments are a sure fire way to anyone's heart.
   Do: "You look beautiful today."
6. If you don't try, you'll never know what could happen.
7. Unless you're an escort, don't do it at work.
8. Be genuine.
9. When said person's parents are around, is the wrong time.
10. Don't be explicit with someone you aren't dating.
   Don't: "Girl-who-I'm-not-dating, I'd like to forcefully insert my $!#@$% into your @#^!#(*^%."
11. Smile.
12. Be a little obvious.
  Do: "I think you're swell."
  Don't: "I'm flirting with you!"
13. Being quirky is endearing, being creepy is... well just that.
  Do: "Aardvark babies are adorable!"
  Don't: "I follow you home from work every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday night."
14. Speak with the person of interest about things they like. Sometimes that means Googling microbiology or Japanese woodblock prints.
15. Listen to what they have to say. Maybe the time you're spending isn't even worth it.
16. Have confidence. If you don't think your worth it neither will he or she.
17. Be spontaneous.
   Do: "I'm going to get some coffee. Do you want to accompany me?"
18. Humor is great for making a good impression on someone and for covering up your own awkwardness.
19. When in a previous described situation, feel free to substitute my awkward wording to sound like a regular person.
20. Don't mention that I give you your flirting advice.
   Do: "I'm awesome all by myself!"
   Don't: "You read Abstract and Obstruct, right? NO? Well that's where I learned to flirt."

How to Abstract and Obstruct Your Valentine's Day

Right now you're probably thinking:
Oh wow! Kristen is so awesome. I bet she's doing something great on Valentine's Day!
To which I will reply:
I'm working on Valentine's Day. I'm covering a shift for one of my co workers. I'm assuming she is going out for dinner with a potential love interest but she also might be sitting in her room sobbing on the 14th. Let's hope the former.
My Valentine's Day will most likely consist of me watching horror movies and eating sushi. I would most likely turn down a date because it will suck and I'd love to hand out these cards to my special someones. Assuming you're like me (a cynic, single, awesome or all of the above) you will enjoy my take on Valentine's Day.

20 Things I'd Like to Say About Flirting
Enemy of Love
Chest Cavity
20 Things I'd Like to Say About Flirting


03 February 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things Friday. // No. 004

1. "Sarcasm: Now Served All Day" Sign. I bought this sign on the street in New York City when I went in December with my family. I love vintage-y looking products especially ones of classy women being sassy so I bought this sign for my dorm room just to let every one know their side of hot, buttered sarcasm is now available at all hours of the day!

2. benefit's Moon Beam. I received this for Christmas and let me tell you, it's a life saver. I, like the average college student, get less than the recommended eight hours of sleep. This product, when placed under your eyes, makes it look like you get enough sleep every night and do things perfectly. No one has to know you're wearing two different socks and spilled coffee on your shoes. It's our little secret.

3. Manicures. I got my nails done today in OPI's Vodka and Caviar. Enough said.

Enjoy your weekend!

Random Occurances on the Internet: Mini Food!

Adorable miniature food sculpture by Shay Aaron

26 January 2012

Cheer Up!

Sometimes when I need cheering up nothing does it quite as well as adorable baby animals. All photos link back to source.

25 January 2012

20 Things I'd Like to Say About...

1. I don't remember a time where I haven't been exhausted or highly caffeinated. I'd like to thank Starbucks and my Keurig and my insane course load.

2. I can and will use twitter for my random, occasionally witty thoughts that are only amusing to myself and my room mates. (follow me at @kisforkristenX)

3. Watching "The Office" will always always beat out doing the massive amount of reading due tomorrow morning. Always.

4. Don't tell me I don't have a lot of work to due because I'm an art student. My graphic design major has the most requirements of all the majors at this school AND I'm double majoring in Communication and Cultural Studies as well. Bitches.

5. I wish that I personally had the willpower to stop myself from online shopping more however if I'm going to be honest it's because the mail-room-guy judges me so much, every time.

6. I always feel so guilty about getting take-out but the cafeteria only has four varieties of rice and two types of pasta on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.

7. Having the top bunk is a wonderful excuse to have my room mates hand me things and to leave my bed unmade, among other things.

8. The only downside to having a bunk bed is being 19 and having a bunk bed...

9. Please don't be awkward in the hallway. I'm too awkward to deal with all of us being awkward.

10. It's okay for me to make ridiculous threats because they are all grounded in great works of film or literature.

11. There are other fashion options besides sweat pants and Northfaces, Ladies.

12. Don't be afraid to speak your mind. It's worth the risk.

13. Don't let anyone or anything hold you back from something you love or being happy.

14. Christmas ornaments are appropriate decorations year round.

15. Any outfit immediately becomes better when numerous patterns are worn simultaneously.

16. The worst days become manageable with time and effort put into my appearance.

17. Don't think, just do.

18. On second thought, you should actually think some things through.

19. Normal sleeping schedules are for when you're dead.

20. I am awesome because I think I am and through that logic, you can be too!

21 January 2012

Dress Me Up: First Day of School

This semester I had two first days of school. I had one class start this Wednesday and then three start this Thursday. Old habits die hard and I had to dress up for my first days of class. I love dressing up. It makes the day a million times better just by putting effort into what I'm wearing and I feel better about myself.

20 January 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things Friday. // No. 003

1. iCal - The calendar application on my MacBook is a life saver. That's a screen shot of my schedule for next week and my To-Do list and it's only the first week of the semester. With such an overwhelming amount of work to do, it's essential for me to stay organized so that I actually know what I have to and do it.
2. Chocolate covered strawberries and my room mates - one of my room mates works at my school cafeteria and can bring home food and there was chocolate covered strawberries today and she had my other room mate bring me some at work. I love them almost as much as I love strawberries and chocolate. It was a great surprise at work and a delicious snack.
3. grubhub.com - I almost don't have the words to describe how much I like grubHub. You can search for takeout places in the city you're in and search by cuisine type and read reviews. Also they provide menus for the participating restaurants and you can order just by clicking on the menu item. There are a variety of payment options: PayPal, card and even by cash. They let you know how long your delivery will take and after four orders you can play a game where you after the chance to win free food!

17 January 2012

Dance Class

I'm so excited to start dance class again. My college consortium offers free dance classes for students and I signed up for ballet and modern technique classes. I danced for eleven years (ballet, jazz, modern, pointe) and quit when I was a junior in high school. It was one of the hardest decisions of my life but I had to do it. It was something I loved; I felt beautiful on pointe. Unfortunately, some people are mean and I was bullied a lot and went home and cried almost every day. It still makes me mad that I let a clique ruin dance for me but it was right at that time.

I took an advanced ballet class last spring semester and failed horribly. I wasn't as flexible or coordinated as I used to be and my leg muscles had gotten weak. I knew all the steps, I just couldn't make myself do it. This semester I'm taking intermediate classes. It should slow things down a little and get me back into the swing of things. I'm sure the first couple weeks will be hard but I'm also going to start eating better and exercising to get all my muscles back into shape.
It's a lot of work but one my dreams is to be back on pointe.
[photo credit.]

13 January 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things Friday. // No. 002

1. Sushi. I love sushi. It's so pretty and it tastes so good. I got this sushi at the mall... I know. I'm sure some Japanese sushi artisan somewhere is screaming in pain for a reason unbeknownst to them because of mall sushi. Anyways, I apologize to this person and will continue enjoying my 16-piece $9.99 special when I'm eating in the food court. However, I do reserve the right to turn into a snob and order $30 worth of sushi from my favorite take out place the night before my first paper is due. (Is it bad to already plan poor studying and eating habits before the semester even begins?)
2. Mama, I'm Swollen, Cursive's album from 2011. This album is so good. I've loved Cursive for years and this album made me love them all the more. Listening to it has gotten me through some less than happy times recently. It's perfectly upbeat and celebratory for those of us "wearing out our heels on the road to hell." It's a great album for almost any mood and I listen to it a couple times a week. [picture credit.]
3. Boston! I'm going back home to school on Monday and I couldn't be happier. Rhode Island is full of unhappy memories, has no opprotunities for me and worst of all is the place I feel most alone. I'm a completely different person when I'm home and happy in Boston.

07 January 2012


I'm on day 4 of blogging. So far so good I think. I'm going to try to blog regularly, about life and things I like. I'd like to establish another weekly series or two other than I Want It Wednesday and A Few of My Favorite Things Friday, just so I have a schedule to follow while I get into the whole documenting my life thing. By the next time my series role around I'd also like to have designed some sort of banner for the top of my posts. I love design and I'm hoping that through blogging I actually have some reason to make pretty photo spreads and banners and that sort of thing becomes regular for me. It's time for me to get into bed, watch the Food Network and eat some chips and hummus. Good Night!

A Few of My Favorite Things Friday. // No. 001

Sometimes I have some thing and I want to tell everyone I see how much I like it. Even I think it would be weird to go up to people and say "Look how awesome my ______ is!!!" Instead of telling random strangers what my favorite things are, I'm going to post a few of them every friday.
So my favorite things of the week are... *drum roll*
1. Roxy Shoulder Bag. I had been eyeing this bag since summer. We got them in at the store I work with and only sold one between July and now so they were reasonably cheap (I spent about $20 on it). Usually I don't like brown purses but this one is the exception. It is just big enough to hold my essentials (wallet, phone, book, lipgloss, hand sanitizer, keys) and it has two huge side pockets that are great to stick my phone and camera in for easy access. The shoulder strap also makes it great to bring to parties or concerts.
2. Victoria's Secret Sexy Little Things Fragrance Spray. This smells so good. So good. it's smells florally, light and not too sweet (I'm bad at discribing fragrances....). It's probably one of my favorite fragrances. Also I love love love the packaging. The lace design with the silloutte key hole. I love it. There's nothing I like better than a great product with great packaging. Maybe I should do a series about packaging..... (hmmmm)
3. Alex & Ani Expandable Wire Bangles. My mom got me these for Christmas and my birthday. I think they're so cute. I hadn't heard of these until a few months ago even though they, like me, come from Rhode Island. They are really pretty, go with everything and each have motivational meanings and positive energy (somehow infused in them..?). I have a K charm, the Star of Venus charm, the Path of Life charm and the Skeleton key charm.

05 January 2012

Penny wants Pasta!

In my post earlier today I talked about how I made fresh pasta. My dog, Penny, was pretty involved in the process as she likes food more than anything else. In the first picture, she's resting: she was not into waiting for the water boil with me. The she begged me with that adorable face to give her pasta, so I did. After when there was none left, she decided that I was withholding her new favorite treat so she pouted in the corner with her stuffed, pink puppy. Yeah, I'm pretty obsessed with my dog if you couldn't tell.

Fresh Pasta

Today I made fresh pasta. It's something I've always wanted to do and I finally did it and it came out really good. My mom and I really liked it however my dog probably liked it the best!
Fresh Pasta (3 to 4 servings)
2 1/4 cups flour
3 eggs
1 tablespoon olive oil
1. Pour flour onto cutting board and make a well deep enough to accomodate the eggs and oil.
2. Carefully mix the ingredients into a dough. It should be sticky and a bit of warm water can be added if the dough is too dry and flour can be added if the dough is too wet.
3. Knead dough for ten minutes then wrap in plastic and refrigerate for an hour.
4. Roll out a third of the dough at a time to the desired thickness and then cut into shape of your choice.
5. Let pasta dry for 30 minutes and then boil in salted water for ten minutes or until the pasta is cooked to your specifications.

{{{I Want It Wednesday 1.}}}

04 January 2012


Today felt like I was still in high school, but in a good way. Wait what?
I know. It's weird. I spent a good part of my day watching Gilmore Girls, which I adore. I own the entire series on DVD; it's hilarious and I get caught up in Lorelai and Rory's drama again and again even though I can just about quote every episode. My old GameBoy DS also made an appearance when I was looking for my DVD remote so I turned it on and have played the Sims Bustin' Out almost all the way through at this point. I'd be embarrassed for myself to admit this pretty much to the entire internet but the Sims games are just fun and addicting and I haven't played with my GameBoy since maybe my freshman year of high school. My nana made spheghetti for dinner and it's one of my favorite things to eat when I'm back home and I never have pasta sauce as good as hers. After dinner I went out for coffee with my friend Erin. Erin is one of my best friends and we've been close ever since we sat next to each other in our English class freshman year. We don't see each other too much since I go to school in Boston and she's in Providence but whenever we get together we also have a lot of fun.
So weirdly enough, I had a good day back home in Rhode Island. It was semi-reminiscent of my high school years (which sucked) but today seemed to compile all of the good parts.

02 January 2012

Hello there!

The conversation that’s been happening in my head recently goes something like this:
“So Kristen, we’re in the year 2012. You turned 19 about a month ago. What are you doing with your life?”
*cricket noise*
“Yeah that’s what I was afraid of. You’ve done things in the past year though, right?”
“Of course.. I’m not sure what though…”
“Maybe you should pay attention.”
“Maybe you should shut up.”
So like any logical person my next thought is that if I want to keep track of what I do and things I accomplish or want to remember, then obviously everyone else in the world wants to know about it too. Am I right?