07 February 2012


Today's just been one of those days. I was horribly unprepared for my classes and somehow missed a paper. Ugh. I hate missing assignments and I honestly had no idea that it was due today. No idea. In addition to this, I did not get a part in the play I auditioned for yesterday and I thought I did relatively well. Then the lack of my non-existant love life reared its ugly head with that holiday being on the way and all. It's a bunch of little things but on top of each other it makes everything suck right now.
I hate feeling sorry for my self but sometimes you just have to.
Not all the time.
Sometimes you need to take time for yourself. Acknowledge that things suck. Then move on.
So tonight, I'm doing just that. I'm feeling sorry for myself, staying in bed, ordering sushi and watching Bridget Jones's Diary. (And then something even sappier if I feel the need to cry.) Sometimes things suck and it may seem like nothing is going your way. Be sad. Get over it. And remember how awesome you are.
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