05 February 2012

How to Abstract and Obstruct Your Valentine's Day

Right now you're probably thinking:
Oh wow! Kristen is so awesome. I bet she's doing something great on Valentine's Day!
To which I will reply:
I'm working on Valentine's Day. I'm covering a shift for one of my co workers. I'm assuming she is going out for dinner with a potential love interest but she also might be sitting in her room sobbing on the 14th. Let's hope the former.
My Valentine's Day will most likely consist of me watching horror movies and eating sushi. I would most likely turn down a date because it will suck and I'd love to hand out these cards to my special someones. Assuming you're like me (a cynic, single, awesome or all of the above) you will enjoy my take on Valentine's Day.

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20 Things I'd Like to Say About Flirting


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