25 January 2012

20 Things I'd Like to Say About...

1. I don't remember a time where I haven't been exhausted or highly caffeinated. I'd like to thank Starbucks and my Keurig and my insane course load.

2. I can and will use twitter for my random, occasionally witty thoughts that are only amusing to myself and my room mates. (follow me at @kisforkristenX)

3. Watching "The Office" will always always beat out doing the massive amount of reading due tomorrow morning. Always.

4. Don't tell me I don't have a lot of work to due because I'm an art student. My graphic design major has the most requirements of all the majors at this school AND I'm double majoring in Communication and Cultural Studies as well. Bitches.

5. I wish that I personally had the willpower to stop myself from online shopping more however if I'm going to be honest it's because the mail-room-guy judges me so much, every time.

6. I always feel so guilty about getting take-out but the cafeteria only has four varieties of rice and two types of pasta on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.

7. Having the top bunk is a wonderful excuse to have my room mates hand me things and to leave my bed unmade, among other things.

8. The only downside to having a bunk bed is being 19 and having a bunk bed...

9. Please don't be awkward in the hallway. I'm too awkward to deal with all of us being awkward.

10. It's okay for me to make ridiculous threats because they are all grounded in great works of film or literature.

11. There are other fashion options besides sweat pants and Northfaces, Ladies.

12. Don't be afraid to speak your mind. It's worth the risk.

13. Don't let anyone or anything hold you back from something you love or being happy.

14. Christmas ornaments are appropriate decorations year round.

15. Any outfit immediately becomes better when numerous patterns are worn simultaneously.

16. The worst days become manageable with time and effort put into my appearance.

17. Don't think, just do.

18. On second thought, you should actually think some things through.

19. Normal sleeping schedules are for when you're dead.

20. I am awesome because I think I am and through that logic, you can be too!

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