07 January 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things Friday. // No. 001

Sometimes I have some thing and I want to tell everyone I see how much I like it. Even I think it would be weird to go up to people and say "Look how awesome my ______ is!!!" Instead of telling random strangers what my favorite things are, I'm going to post a few of them every friday.
So my favorite things of the week are... *drum roll*
1. Roxy Shoulder Bag. I had been eyeing this bag since summer. We got them in at the store I work with and only sold one between July and now so they were reasonably cheap (I spent about $20 on it). Usually I don't like brown purses but this one is the exception. It is just big enough to hold my essentials (wallet, phone, book, lipgloss, hand sanitizer, keys) and it has two huge side pockets that are great to stick my phone and camera in for easy access. The shoulder strap also makes it great to bring to parties or concerts.
2. Victoria's Secret Sexy Little Things Fragrance Spray. This smells so good. So good. it's smells florally, light and not too sweet (I'm bad at discribing fragrances....). It's probably one of my favorite fragrances. Also I love love love the packaging. The lace design with the silloutte key hole. I love it. There's nothing I like better than a great product with great packaging. Maybe I should do a series about packaging..... (hmmmm)
3. Alex & Ani Expandable Wire Bangles. My mom got me these for Christmas and my birthday. I think they're so cute. I hadn't heard of these until a few months ago even though they, like me, come from Rhode Island. They are really pretty, go with everything and each have motivational meanings and positive energy (somehow infused in them..?). I have a K charm, the Star of Venus charm, the Path of Life charm and the Skeleton key charm.

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