13 January 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things Friday. // No. 002

1. Sushi. I love sushi. It's so pretty and it tastes so good. I got this sushi at the mall... I know. I'm sure some Japanese sushi artisan somewhere is screaming in pain for a reason unbeknownst to them because of mall sushi. Anyways, I apologize to this person and will continue enjoying my 16-piece $9.99 special when I'm eating in the food court. However, I do reserve the right to turn into a snob and order $30 worth of sushi from my favorite take out place the night before my first paper is due. (Is it bad to already plan poor studying and eating habits before the semester even begins?)
2. Mama, I'm Swollen, Cursive's album from 2011. This album is so good. I've loved Cursive for years and this album made me love them all the more. Listening to it has gotten me through some less than happy times recently. It's perfectly upbeat and celebratory for those of us "wearing out our heels on the road to hell." It's a great album for almost any mood and I listen to it a couple times a week. [picture credit.]
3. Boston! I'm going back home to school on Monday and I couldn't be happier. Rhode Island is full of unhappy memories, has no opprotunities for me and worst of all is the place I feel most alone. I'm a completely different person when I'm home and happy in Boston.

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